High Horse scheduled to play Rathskeller


HELENA- Saturday, June 25. 7:-10:00 PM

One day while passing out demos in Helena, we stumbled upon the Rathskeller.Ok… we didn’t stumble. We had to actively look for it because it is housed in a magnificent brick building.  At the time, we didn’t know that the Rathskeller was an entity of the Montana Club. We walked in and started joking with this very funny man who happened to be the owner. A tour ensued which led us into the basement  where the Rathskeller resides. THIS PLACE IS GORGEOUS! It reminds me of an old speak easy. The low key lighting accents the dark wood giving it a classy edge that’s hard to find. It is unlike any bar I have visited in Montana. If you’re from out of town, this place is definitely worth the drive and walking distance from the Holiday Inn! Hope you see you there.

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